Why Henki?


You're probably wondering why the name.  Henki is Finnish for spirit.  We want to capture your spirit, the essence of your moment, you and your family.


Hello.  I live and work in Houston (Texas), but grew up across the “pond” in a town near Glasgow, Scotland.  I love a good story, but I’m not a good writer, so I tell stories with pictures; with my camera, I tell stories of people.

I’m a wedding photojournalist and a family documentary photographer.  Seeing photographs that show emotion, laughter and joy - the human element - is what I aim to capture.  On your wedding day, I won’t be dragging you and your wedding party off to some corner of a church or grassy field to take pictures: you and your friends will just have fun while I capture the day as it unfolds, unposed and candid; and I won’t be getting in the way.

Weddings are not the only events I photograph, I also photograph families and couples, both equally important to record for posterity  For personal projects I photograph people on the street -  what folks call street photography - architecture, landscape and whatever takes my fancy.


Hi there. I'm originally from Virginia and I’m a bit of a mutt; my mother is Finnish and my father is American. I lived briefly in Israel, but now live in Houston.  From as young as I can remember, I’ve always had a camera pressed to my eye.

Like Cindy, I’m a wedding photojournalist and my approach is unique.   Shooting with a photojournalistic eye, it allows me to be present yet invisible which helps me capture timeless and candid moments for you on your wedding day.  I promise to never pose, contort your body or tell you to smile awkwardly. I give you no “cheese”, only the memories of your wedding day.

I’m also a family documentary photographer and whether I’m photographing my son or your family, I love to capture people at play.

Beyond photographing weddings and families, I hone my skills through the practice of street and social documentary photography and recently discovered a joy of photographing landscapes and nature too.

Let's meet for a coffee or tea to discuss how we can help document the story of your life, whether you’re getting married, getting engaged or just because.

"There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment." ~Robert Frank